Our Mission

To make high quality, professional legal advice available to everyone. Do you feel nervous about instructing lawyers? Do you think: “it’s too expensive’ or “it’s not for the likes of me?”  You wouldn’t be alone. We aim to change that for ever. We believe there is no substitute for genuine legal expertise – despite what the increasing number of untrained, unsupervised and unregulated advisors popping up online may tell you.

We are passionate about delivering a brilliant customer experience (“CX”) and inspired by the possibilities of artificial intelligence (“AI”) to make legal advice accessible to people when they need it most.

Our Story

Our founder, Alan Larkin, began working on AI solutions for clients 10 years ago, whilst working as a senior partner at Family Law Partners, an award-winning law firm in Brighton, UK.  Alan foresaw that cutting-edge AI tech, if harnessed correctly, would be able to revolutionise the delivery of legal services to clients.  Fortunately, his partners decided to back him on this tech adventure, which has resulted in Nova.

Our Values

To deliver free access to justice for all

To be worthy of your trust, making you feel ‘held’ and cared for at every step of your journey with us

To personalise your experience using our knowledge and advanced AI working in harmony with human experts

Our Team

Nova Law Limited Nova Law Limited is a limited company incorporated in England & Wales with no. 14090620 and registered address at 2nd Floor 168 Shoreditch High Street, London, United Kingdom, E1 6RA.