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About Nova

Nova is a platform offering a unique combination of AI and friendly expert humans working in harmony to deliver an outstanding experience. Created and perfected over the course of ten years by award-winning lawyers to make expert legal advice accessible to the public. 

Nova’s specialised AI will help you in the following ways:

  1. Diagnostic TestIdentify your specific needs based on your exact circumstances and recommend the best way to resolve any dispute with your partner;
  2. Personalised AnalysisProvide you with a written copy of our recommendation and underlying analysis.
  3. Expert RecommendationMatch your specific needs to an approved lawyer or expert with the right skills and experience;
  4. Free 15 Minute ConsultationIntroduce you to an approved lawyer or expert, should you wish it,  for a free 15 minute consultation.
  5. Engage your expertProvide our unique AI-powered tool to fully brief your chosen lawyer or expert if you want further help from them.

Anyone in a relationship who is thinking of splitting up and is facing a dispute over money or children. You might be married, cohabiting, living apart together or any other arrangement.   At the moment, we are restricted to working with customers from England and Wales.

Nova has been created by award-winning lawyers with decades of experience behind them. The AI in Nova was created in an award-winning collaboration with AI and machine learning experts at the University of Brighton. We have helped thousands of people needing support at a difficult time in their lives. There are other online services offering help to the public which appear to have legal expertise, but often don’t. Nova-accredited lawyers possess formal legal training and are fully regulated. 

We know what we are doing and we will always act in your best interests.

At any time, whether you have only just begun to think about divorce or separation, or if you are already involved in family court proceedings. 

Ideally, you should use Nova as soon as you think you need some help.  This will give you the best possible control over all the options at your disposal.  You will feel more informed and clearer about your choices.  We want to save you money and needless stress so the sooner you use us the better.

We live and breathe family law. We can assist in the full spectrum of cases – whatever your circumstances – whether very amicable or highly contentious. Unlike other services which can only handle couples who have largely agreed everything already, Nova has the experience and insight to assist in the most challenging of cases, such as:

  • Domestic violence or coercive control
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Concealed assets
  • High value cases involving international assets
  • High conflict cases

No – we are an independent company, spun out from Family Law Partners. Our platform is the result of decades of legal experience combined with cutting edge AI focused specifically upon the needs of family law clients.  You can use our expertise and platform for free and we can connect you to approved lawyers if you wish.

How does it work ?

Our personalised analysis will suggest the best dispute resolution option for you based on your specific circumstances. Some services only offer one way to resolve disputes, such as mediation.  We think meditation is highly effective but we know it is not appropriate for everyone.  Our unique AI will match you with the dispute resolution option most likely to provide you with positive outcomes.

Based on your personalised analysis we will recommend the lawyers or accredited experts with the skills to deliver the best possible outcomes for you. Our lawyers and experts come from either Family Law Partners or our approved network of trusted individuals.

Yes, our unique algorithm assesses your current situation based on a number of factors that we know will directly affect your chances of a successful outcome.  We know one size doesn’t fit all.

The services on the Nova platform are free.  If you should end up instructing a lawyer to help you then they may charge you for any assistance they provide.  However, using our platform, including our free AI-powered tool usually results in lower initial legal fees because of the comprehensive analysis we provide to your chosen lawyer. 

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